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TIP 101: Buy Canned Pineapple from Vietnam

As known as one of the largest pinapple grower and exporter from all over the world, importers are now coming to Vietnam looking for their supply source. If you're wondering buying from Vietnam too, here is some great tips that may help in dealing with vietnamese supplier/manufacturer.
AuthorMia Nguyen


Knowing about pineapple variety in Vietnam is a must ! In Vietnam, we offer 3 main types of pineapple: Victoria Queen, Cayenne & MD2. While Victoria Queen is famous for its beautiful golden yellow and a strong flavor, MD2 and Cayenne taste lighter but more watery. Pineapple taste also varies from North to South. Pineapple from the South is bigger but less fragrance like one from the North. Otherwise, if you're looking for Cayenne or MD2 you can find from the North only.


Secondly, knowing the pineapple haversting crop season Vietnam can help you to save tons of cost. If you want to buy Victoria Queen Pineapple, come around February & September; if you want Cayenne or MD2, let's contact supplier before May starts.


Thirdly, find a right supplier is the most important part. If you're worrying about working directly with manufacturer, just know that most of canned pineapple in Vietnam is produced to export, so manufacturer here in general already know how to work with foreigner buyer. The only difference between these manufacturers is that the client service. Kindly contact them and choose the one that you make you feel that they will always be there to solve your problem, before or after your purchase.


Last but not least - negociating price! If you come to buy right in main crop season, price is always reasonable (factory price). Don't hesitate to contact some different suppliers at once to make a price comparison table. However, even when price is very important, don't be too excited with the lowest price, what you get may be left over products from previous season and even low quality. Your best choice should be a combination of price and customer service.
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